Survival: Man vs. Nature App Reviews

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Sleeping doesn’t restore Insomnia And it’s okay not okey

This app is amazing and interesting. It makes you wanna keep going on.


My only problem with it is that it needs network to work. I thought it runs offline

Best app ever

I count on you to make the game better. So I can tell you this is awesome.


I love it, can you please make the characters in shop cheaper? after that this will be my

wonderful game

this game is awesome! very addicting and fun

Pretty good


Nice game

I play this game everyday for hours it is amazing

Great game

I wish that the Ad conches offers were two times offers

awesome one

I love playing this game. 5 stars good job making it

Love the game

I love playing this game. 5 stars good job making it

Fun game

this game is awesome! very addicting and fun

very addictive

Very good game download it


Greatest gave ever I almost misspelled greatest


this is a good game


Love it much!

Amazing game

Every thing is awesome

Good try

very nice


Happy to play such a adventure game which isn't costly


This game is addictive and fun

Cool game

it brought me a happy day

Lovin the game play

It is great! But it would be even better if they wouldn’t make it so hard to survive in w


I love this it is amazing I play it every day

wonderful game

This game is the most addictive mobile game

Great game!

I love this game

Fun to play

fantastic game, very well made

Great Game



So far do good

Thumb up!

Better than I thought it would be

Good game

Over all great game! If you want a game that is mastered quickly this isn’t the game for y

Great long term game

Really good game


This game very very good l play for hours and hours and not boring

well made

Best thing I’ve found so far

Pretty good

It is the best it tells you stories


enjoyed it for the whole day

Good app

Great game


I love the game but I think we should be able to create bullets at camp

Very addictive

Wish we had more free conches

Good and entertaining!!

I really really like it

Pretty good

Very good


I love playing this game. 5 stars good job making it

Fun game

It has very beautiful stories, the territories are not too easy for gameplay, which is goo

Nice game

Thanks for the game that I can play. it’s really so addictive specially

Lovin it!!!

This game is amazing and I love it. One problem though,I cant skip the battle and it ran t

Great job

Thanks for the best game

Best game ever

This app is so awesome that I play it 24 7

This app is awesome


Thanks for everything

This is one of my favs.! Just wish it was easier to survive

Love love love

Absolutely love the game!


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